Friday, May 28, 2010

Food LO & My Day

Corn Cakes- my Grandmama James' recipe

Now, I can rest for a few minutes and then get to cleaning the house before our guests get here. I didn't sleep that well last night, so I need a nap! I went to Target this morning and bought some Theraflu liquid night time medicine to take tonight before I go to bed. I coughed my head off last night. I looked for my Vaseline, too, and couldn't find it. So I bought some more this morning, also. My nose looks awful, it's chapped. I looked at the scrapbook aisle at Target and saw the 12x12 All About Boys stack and it's almost $20! I'm gonna buy my scrapbooking stuff from TJ Maxx from now on! LOL I got my check after I went to Target and noticed it was busy in there, but didn't linger! I went in there to get my check and not shop or work! I did find out that I work Sunday night 4-9 and am off Monday. Woohoo!! I'll have to call about Tuesday-Saturdays schedule I guess. Well, I better get some rest before I don't have time to. Have a good weekend all! I may not be on as much this weekend.

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