Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TJ Maxx Orientation/Visit with my Grandmama

Last Monday, April 26, was my Orientation at TJ Maxx. It was 4 hours long! I learned a lot about shoplifting and co-worker honesty. The manager told us all to put our employee folder in our underwear drawer in our dressers, lol. I got a call from the assistant manager this afternoon and my first day of work is Friday night 3-9! I'll be helping set-up the store. The store opens May 23.

Monday night-Friday night, I stayed with my Grandmama James. I hung out clothes and swept the kitchen/back porch twice. She can't bend over since she's wearing a corset because of her back surgery. She's getting around with a walker. I went outside with her every day to water flowers and watered her tomato plants every other day. She has to help with the walker on the steps going out the back porch and doesn't want to go outside by herself, so I carried the walker down/up the steps for her. I also learned a few things in the kitchen. She taught me how to make corn cakes! I helped her fix lunch one day, too. While outside one day, we walked to her apple tree and saw little apples growing! I've never seen apples grow on a tree! As you can tell, I had a good visit with my grandmama!

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