Saturday, May 22, 2010

Altered Title LO & Work

 I drug up an old pic of when I was a teenager! The journaling explains the picture and the picture is dark because it was taken at night through a window. I was out with the church youth group, we were on our way home from a youth event, it was late, and we were all acting silly! One of the girls was playing with another girl's hair outside the van.
It's titled "Crazy Hare" because we had to alter our title for a challenge on!

Well, tomorrow is the Grand Opening of TJ Maxx! I'm a little nervous, but shouldn't be. I work 10-9! I hate that I have to miss church, but hopefully it will only be tomorrow since it's opening day. They're supposed to have lunch & supper for us and have like a party for working opening day! I've already got my outfit picked out in my head! I just have to get it out of the closet! :) They didn't have the rest of the week's schedule yet when I went to get my check, so hopefully it will be up tomorrow. I got me a new cellphone yesterday, too! It's a Samsung Intensity with a keyboard that slides out. If anyone wants to text me, get up with me on FB or something and I'll give you my number. I have unlimited texting! Have a good Sunday! I'll let you all know how my day went tomorrow night or Monday depending on how tired I am!

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Debbi said...

I did not even know TJ Maxx was open. I'm going to have to get over there when school's out!!