Friday, April 23, 2010

My Weekend Plans/ Raw Scrapbook LO

I'm doing laundry right now to pack tonight so I can stay with my grandmother Sunday night-Wednesday. She just came home yesterday from rehab from her back surgery. I'm going to help her do things around the house. She can't bend over so she's been taught how to hang up clothes and hang them out on the line with some sort of grab stick. She loves gardening, but won't have much of a garden this year because of her back.

Before I go to my Grandmama's house, I've got to clean the house here this afternoon. If I don't get a call from TJMaxx this afternoon for orientation tomorrow, I'm going to scrap some tomorrow. I'll be home alone all day tomorrow, so I'll have lots of quiet time to scrap! Sunday morning during worship at church, I've got to sit at the computer and learn how to run a new program- Pro Presenter. I've got to study my Sunday School lesson some time tomorrow, too. I teach the 3 & 4 year-old Sunday School class every Sunday! I just have 3 usually- 2 girls and a boy. One of the girls likes to help me every Sunday, so my job isn't as hard! I'm just starting to figure them all out! lol The little boy doesn't like to sit still, the other little girl is quiet but lets you know when she wants something, and "my little helper" is smart for a 3 year old! Oh, I'll watch the race Sunday afternoon and try to catch a nap while it's on! LOL I'll have to help my sister cook tomorrow night, too. My mom is going to my grandmama's house tonight and will come back Sunday sometime. I'm going to be busy the next few days!

Here's the scrapbook LO I made last night of Tyler. The challenge was to put something raw on the LO. I used a brown granite square found at Lowe's/Home Depot that looks like sand paper. It's under the picture with "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" sticker over it. I've been wanting to use this nativity paper and finally found the perfect picture for it! :)


Debbi said...

Love these Christmas layouts! Hmmm, little boy in class who doesn't want to sit still. Who could that be? He's trying to make sure it doesn't get too easy for you!!! :)

Amanda said...

LOL, I love teaching all of them! :)