Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Technique LO/Job Status

I made this LO yesterday for Scrapbook Challenges. The Challenge was called Technique: cut shapes out of PP, tear paper, & roll paper. That was the requirements. I decided to use this picture of my cousin, Pat's first birthday Aug 21, 1974. The rolled piece on the far right is a candle and the 4 rolled pieces are like baby steps. I enjoyed doing this LO. I had to make sure I put the right birthday on the LO, cuz I'm posting this on FB so my cousin can see it. The flower at the top of the picture wouldn't show up when I took the picture at first, so I put the purple glittery paper behind it. It helped some! The flower is white and pink. The blue flower with the journaling in it is textured as well as the pink flower. I've had the cousin PP for awhile and have been wanting to use it and this picture fits! :)

Concerning my job status, I was let go by TJ Maxx this past Friday. I updated my FB, but don't know if everyone that reads this is on FB. I was told by the store manager that they had to do a 25% cutback. I was a basketcase that afternoon! I went in to get my check and she let me go then. I was able to work Friday night and Saturday. I went back in the office Saturday while I was working to talk to her and she told me that the next termination she would call me back. I told her that I really enjoyed working there and asked if I could be kept on as a floater. She mentioned calling me back after the next termination. That could be as soon as July 1. They can only have a certain number on staff at a time. So, please pray that she will call me back! If not, I will start looking for another job. I know Michael's is coming to our mall soon, but a few stores have to move before they can open. I don't know how soon those stores will be moving. It's a total of 3 stores: Hallmark, Hibbett's Sports, and a volunteer police station. They've already started on Michael's and will be taking up those 3 stores plus one more that has been closed for awhile. I don't know if those stores that are moving will move somewhere else in the mall. I would hope the police station moves somewhere else in the mall! They took a lot of time fixing that for them and people depend on them in the mall! So for now, I'm laying low around the house. My birthday is Sunday and plan on having a good day at church and chilling at home the rest of the day. I have the computer during both services Sunday morning and have to set it up tonight. Saturday is the annual James family get together at my grandmama's house and I'm making flag sugar cookies for that since we usually get together around the 4th. So, I'm keeping myself busy!

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