Sunday, August 29, 2010

24 Hr Challenge LO for Scrappin-n-Chatttin

Sketch to go by

I participated in this 24 Hr Challenge Friday night. It started at 9PM and ended Saturday at 9PM. I did mine Friday night and was done by 11:30. We had to choose what type of paper we wanted to use first, well 3 different collections. Someone else looked at the names of those collections and there were 3 sketches to choose from as well. Sue chose this paper and the sketch above for me to use. I still haven't seen the LO that I chose for the girl I chose for. Yahoo is having photo sharing issues! Anyway, the baby in the pics is Thomas, my cousin Erin's firstborn. The banner is a ribbon tapestry that I didn't mean for it be in a "W" shape, I was trying to mimic the pennant banner on the sketch. I'm not good with stitching on my LOs and don't  have a triangular punch, so that's why I decided to use the tapestry. The little circle in the left hand corner above the pics is a turtle with the word "sweet" over it that I cut out from a piece of 12 x 12 paper. The journaling at the bottom says, "He didn't know me & was more interested in his toys & his Nini!" Nini is his grandma, my aunt. That's what he calls her. He's now 3 & will be 4 in October. The sticker to the left of the journaling tag was under the teddy bear on a sticker sheet. It says "hugs & snuggles". My aunt is in the pic in the yellow sweatshirt, but you can't really see her. The journaling tag is a sticker and I typed the journaling out on the computer. It's a lot neater than my handwriting! I had fun doing this LO! TFL!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Take on Sketch for Sassy Little Sketches

I made this LO for Sassy Little Sketches. The Sketch (1st pic) is what I had to go by, I changed it up just a little. The little brown rectangle block in top right corner is a rub-on that says "let the good times roll" and the vellum quote is "if children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses."-Goethe. I put the quote on there because of the doll leaning up against the car. I believe I went to the Car Show in the fall with my parents, but don't remember the exact date. The green circle on the right between the cars is a flower sticker. TFL!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Giveaway!!

Please check out this blog-  for her giveaway. She's celebrating 1 year in her house with her husband. It's 2 giveaways actually! TFL!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Scrap Street Giveaway

Check out this blog for a huge giveaway:! It looks great!!

Cards I Made Today

There was a Card Challenge on Scrapbook Challenges this week and I decided to tackle it this afternoon! I made all 4 with 8 1/2 x 11 paper, transparent sheets, brads, and stickers. I have lots more 8 1/2 x 11 paper and don't plan on using it in my scrappin, so I may be making more cards! I love my XACTO cutter and used it on all 4 cards! It only took me a couple hours to make these cards. I was watching TV and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 while making them! I won't have to worry about making 2 birthday cards now! :) I love making cards anyway! TFL!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scrap That Baby Blog Hop

Check out this blog hop if you love scrapbooking or swapping recipes! I've written down a few recipes already. Blog hops are fun to follow and you meet new people that way, too! Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finished August Challenge for Scrappin-n-Chattin!!

2nd Attempt at 123 LOJournaling Strips LOOut of the Box LO

I had to do the 123 LO over again, because it was supposed to be 1 flower, 2 photos, and 3 ribbons. I had 3 photos on the other LO! I've been wanting to scrap the little pics of Tyler and decided to use journaling strips with them for this month's challenge. The gold oval has "Live, Love, Laugh" on it. You can't read it because of the flash. On the Out of the Box LO, I stitched the word "Navy" on the 2nd page near the bottom right corner above the red journaling block. You can't really see it. I've never done any stitching on my LOs and have decided if I do any again I will do it on another sheet and attach it to the LO. I poked too many holes in the paper trying to follow my markings plus I kept poking my finger with the needle! Not cool!! I've also never done a LO to recognize my dad's time in the Navy. The pics I used are pics of when he was out to sea on the USS Hunley and then coming back home on the USS Holland.

I'm not going to have the Makeover Party today after all. The consultant fell last Friday night and has hairline fractures in her right shoulder and hand. She can't drive due to vomitting and dizziness. For those of you that pray, please pray for her. She's a military mom of 5 kids. Her name is Heather.

My tooth isn't bothering me that much anymore. Every once in awhile I have a twinge in my right ear from the nerve. I just took the last dose of penicillin and the swelling has gone down tremendously! I need to go to the dentist whenever I find a job to have the tooth pulled. Please pray that I find a job soon!

Friday, August 13, 2010

3 Layouts Done this Week, I'm stuck on the 3's :)

Me & my sister, Emily123-- 1 flower, 2 buttons, 3 ribbons LOScene LO
I made all 3 LOs for Scrappin-n-Chattin. The first LO was for the blog hop, but I wasn't in it because I waited to late to send my money. I still participated in the hop, but my blog wasn't a part of it. The second LO is called 123 LO and is of Davies Auditorium at Ashley Hall School in Charleston, SC.  I'm not sure what the building covered in shells is. I thought it looked different so I took a picture of it! The Scene LO is of Oak Island Lighthouse near Ft Fisher, NC. We had to make a scene around the pic, so I made a beach scene! I know the boat is off proportion from everything, but oh well! It looks like a beach, right?! I tried to make a wave, somewhat of a good attempt!

My back tooth on my bottom right jaw has been bothering me since last Tuesday and I finally decided to go to Express Care- minor emergency room- Tuesday night to get some meds. I'm taking penicillin twice a day & Ibuprofren as needed. It's not been fun, believe me! I woke up yesterday and looked like I had been beat up my face was so swollen! The swelling has come down some today and doesn't hurt. I hope the swelling continues to come down! I've got to take the pills for 14 days and am on day 4. Sleeping at night has not been the best, but I make it. I have to toss and turn until I can get comfy to get back to sleep!

I've got a Mary Kay makeover on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to that! I have 2 friends coming over and one is bringing her mother-in-law. It's gonna be lots of fun!! Tuesday can't get here fast enough! I'm gonna make a Lemon Fluff Monday night. I've never made it before, but it's easy to make from what my grandmother has told me. I'll have to take a pic of it to show my grandmother and will post a pic of it and makeover on here! Have a good weekend!! :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

3 More Layouts I've Made in the Past 2 Days

Hearts LO- My mom & Mr Ray's weddingMake Your Own LO-  house on Simmons StList LO- Tammy's Baby Shower for Tyler at C4

These 3 LOs are also for August's Challenge in Scrappin-n-Chattin. The last one, the baby shower, I also used for Scrapbook Challenge's August Challenge By Numbers. The Make Your Own LO consists of water color paint, glitter, and some embellies I had in my scrappin stuff. That LO took me the longest of all 3 with the painting. I've got to get to cleaning soon. TFL!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Scrapbook Layouts Made Yesterday

 Dream LO- Tyler is Day Dreamin' about the beach! :)Holiday LO- Daddy & Tyler at a pumpkin patch.Mosaic LO- Jonathan & Sara's wedding.

I did all 3 of these layouts for Scrappin-n-Chattin's August Challenge. It took me the longest on the mosaic LO, it was like putting a puzzle back together after the pictures were all cut up! I've been having computer problems since last Saturday. Instead of fooling with the computer this morning, I decided to scrap! I've got pictures set aside for 5 more LOs, and need to find pictures for 2. We have 10 LOs to scrap each month with different themes. I like using their themes rather than sticking with my own ideas in scrappin. I can still use my own ideas, but have to remember their theme. I'm supposed to go see Knight & Day with my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow afternoon, so I better get to bed soon. TFL!