Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finished August Challenge for Scrappin-n-Chattin!!

2nd Attempt at 123 LOJournaling Strips LOOut of the Box LO

I had to do the 123 LO over again, because it was supposed to be 1 flower, 2 photos, and 3 ribbons. I had 3 photos on the other LO! I've been wanting to scrap the little pics of Tyler and decided to use journaling strips with them for this month's challenge. The gold oval has "Live, Love, Laugh" on it. You can't read it because of the flash. On the Out of the Box LO, I stitched the word "Navy" on the 2nd page near the bottom right corner above the red journaling block. You can't really see it. I've never done any stitching on my LOs and have decided if I do any again I will do it on another sheet and attach it to the LO. I poked too many holes in the paper trying to follow my markings plus I kept poking my finger with the needle! Not cool!! I've also never done a LO to recognize my dad's time in the Navy. The pics I used are pics of when he was out to sea on the USS Hunley and then coming back home on the USS Holland.

I'm not going to have the Makeover Party today after all. The consultant fell last Friday night and has hairline fractures in her right shoulder and hand. She can't drive due to vomitting and dizziness. For those of you that pray, please pray for her. She's a military mom of 5 kids. Her name is Heather.

My tooth isn't bothering me that much anymore. Every once in awhile I have a twinge in my right ear from the nerve. I just took the last dose of penicillin and the swelling has gone down tremendously! I need to go to the dentist whenever I find a job to have the tooth pulled. Please pray that I find a job soon!

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Sandie said...

Hey Amanda. Can you come to my blog and email me please? I want to find out about those stamps. Thanks hon.