Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're Number One! & a Valentine's Day Card

 I made this LO for Scrappin-n-Chattin's Heart Challenge this month. Can you find the 4 hearts? I also attached a hearts ribbon on the right side with brads. I added the Superman because like the journaling (in the sunflower border on the left) states "Special needs kids wants someone to love them no matter what they look like and cheer them on in baseball every Saturday from March-June" and they play baseball just to have fun because some of them aren't able to hit the ball and have "super powers" in their own special way!  The rub-on fits both pics as well, "love stretches your heart and makes you big inside."- Margaret Walker. I used the background photo mats to show the different languages of the word "love" and definitions of "service" and "joy"! I added the stickers, "you're a winner" and a baseball to go along with the pictures. I didn't include who is in the pictures because I don't know all of the kids' names and serving the kids isn't about getting credit but showing them how much we love them!

I made this card for my friend, Jennifer, and included it in the Distress Challenge at SNC. As you can tell, I tore the edges on the cover and also tore the edges on the back but didn't include a pic because it's just like the front except for the heart. I also distressed the edges with the file from my Making Memories Tool Kit! The sentiment on the inside, I didn't make, but added some sparkle to it with my Gelly Roll Clear Star pen! I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day" on the left side along with my message and added another heart, but you have to click on the picture to see them. I made this card at 3:30am and didn't mean to throw it together, but was tired and knew I had to get up around 10 to get ready for my lunch with Jennifer, Kassie, and Tiffany! We went to IHOP after David's (Jennifer's baby) dr appointment and had a blast! I decided to take my camera along and got 3 pictures out of them! :) I'll be scrapping them soon! David will be 5 weeks old tomorrow! He didn't cry any while we were eating! He was tired because of the blood work done at the drs to check on his jaundice.You might as well say we had brunch,  because we all had breakfast at 12:30! LOL! We don't get together that often, so when we get the chance we make the best of it! TFL!

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