Monday, February 13, 2012

Crop Til You Drop Weekend with SNC GFs

I made this LO for Barbara's Strange Challenge for the Crop Til You Drop Weekend with Scrappin-n-Chattin girlfriends! Her challenge was to make a LO of something strange that you normally wouldn't scrap. So, I chose an index print of a role of film! No one would ever think of scrapping that! :) I had to use a magnifying glass to figure out who was in each pic, but I figured it out! The paper is from a set I bought at Big Lots, but I honestly don't know the name of it, possibly Colorbok. The paper has writing embedded in it and I decided to highlight a few phrases with my Gelly Roll Cllear Star pen & 2 American Crafts pens to draw out those phrases- "Wherever you go, go with all your heart" ,"Your wish will forever...", "the secret to good friends is no secret to you", "great was ever achieved without enthusiasm", and "enjoy simple things". I chose this paper since the index print was of Johnson Bible College (now Johnson University) Graduation 1998. The pic mat is Basic Grey Life of the Party. The journaling states who is in each pic block "from L to R & T to B: Random sidewalk/grease stain; Me & Cing the night before her graduation; random pic of me; the next 5 pics are of friends getting their degrees; John holding his cake & I cut his head off :); Carson, Cing, & John; John on the marble staircase with a pic of President Eubanks in the background; the 3 Puffy Tummy's: John, Peter, & Carson; Carson & Cing with Carson's family; Cing & Carson; Cing & I; me sleeping; Cing sleeping (both pics taken by Carson); Cing & Carson's niece, Ashley; Great Smoky Mountains of TN from Carson's car window; me acting silly in my Johnson Bible College sweatshirt, shorts & a hat; Carson & John with firewood for a campfire that never started; Cing & Carson; pic of the sky??; a stream in the mountains; and another pic of the stream with a bridge over it." As you can tell, it was a fun and interesting trip! Cing was my roommate at JBC from 1995-1996. She's from Burma and I shared my clothes with her and helped her with her English. She married Carson in 1997. John, Carson, & Peter were all good friends and you can tell why we called them the 3 puffy tummy's! Carson's dad is in the family pic and he has passed on since. Ashley is 14 by now. I know now not to leave my camera out in the open around Carson, lol! I still have that camera and was trying out the different settings is why I cut John's head off, lol. When I scrapped the pics originally, I put a smiley face in the place of his head! I definitely don't have the dress I wore to the graduation anymore! I still keep in touch with my friends from there. I've been back to Homecoming once and want to go again soon, but my money is tight. I need to get to bed. I'm rambling too much! TFL!

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