Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI SMASH book entry :)

After reading Sunday's issue of Parade in The News & Observer, I decided to create a 4 pg entry in my SMASH Book about the Super Bowl and include a calendar for the month of February! I decided to do a Top 10 on Commercials & Highlights of the Super Bowl! Some of them are of The Voice and articles from Parade, but the majority centers around the Super Bowl! I won't type them all out, because I'm sick and need to get some rest soon. (That's another story in itself!) The MVP  block is supposed to be "Your Picks!" so I did add Eli Manning, but then added Mario Manningham for 73 yds, Ahmad Bradshaw for making the most talked about TD that Eli didn't want him to make when he fell backwards (LOL), and Michael Lombardi for the trophy! LOL! I really went with the "your picks" idea! I thought I had football stickers, but couldn't find any. I had problems with the football stamp and wasn't giving up! I got ink all over my hand, but it wore off! I found the transparent paper & used a stencil to make the football on the left page. I wrote on it Super Bowl XLVI New York Giants! I wrote the final score at the top corner and included a "final score" sticker! The little t-shirt sticker in the middle of the right page has "Are You Ready For This?" on it! It's supposed to be put over a picture, but I liked the caption! My #1 is my Favorite Commercial- the Skechers dog race where the French bulldog wearing Skechers wins the greyhound race & moonwalked across the finish line! Two other commercials I liked was the Doritos commercial with the grandma & the Honda- Matthew Broderick commercial! I loved him as Ferris Bueller so that commercial reminded me of that movie! :)  My #10 is my favorite article in Parade- "One Family, Six Continents, Twelve Good Deeds" ( I won't tell what the article is about, but the main thing is this guy made a difference! I included the Parade cover on the 3rd page since it was kinda my inspiration and then wanted to include the Parade in my book so I added a February folder! I've actually started filling it up and have quite a few more days empty than I originally thought! I won't include my work schedule however so that takes up more time. I need to get off here and get some rest. I'm going to try to scrap some later this afternoon and post back on here Thursday! Have a great hump day! :)

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Rhodamom said...

great job Amanda. Think I'm going to check into a Smash book at Michaels next time I'm there.