Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Cards For Sale!

1st Card

Inside Spread of 1st

2nd Card

Inside Spread of 2

3rd Card

Inside of 3rd

4th Card

Inside of 4th

5th Card

Close-Up of Inside 5th

Bible Verse Inside 5th

I made these cards a few months ago. I may have posted them on here before. I have decided to sell them. I have written on the back of each card that I made them. That's my signature for my cards! :) I'm not going to put a price on the cards, I'll take whatever you want to offer! I don't have an Ebay account either, so you will have to mail me the money and include money for postage if at all possible! I'm still unemployed and looking for a job. I figured this would be an easy way to get a little money. I could also do some scrapbooking for you if you'd like under the same pretenses. However, it would be better if you live close by, as in the same town or state. Please leave your e-mail address in the comment if you would like to buy any of these cards. I hope the labels on the pictures help! I know I didn't have to include pictures of the insides, but I take pictures of everything when I make it! I look forward to hearing from all my followers! You don't have to know anything about scrapbooking to buy these. Even if you do, that's fine, too! It's getting late and I'm rambling! Have a great Tuesday!!


Noteable Scraps said...

Ooo, I like these. Very nice! Let me know if you get much response. I have been thinking of doing "Scrap for Hire" and was wondering if I should just advertise on my blog or what. You can very easily sign up for a Paypal account (no cost to you), and then people could pay you by credit card. Might bring more people in. :)

Noteable Scraps said...

Hey, girl! I borrowed your pic and linked to your blog on my blog. Not that I get that much traffic, but it's picking up! :)