Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Punches LO and some Scrappin' Goodies

Emily & Tyler

Tyler, Tammy, and my dad

Scrappin' Goodies from Carol

My Punches LO

My Grandmama Rhodes fell last Thursday and broke her left hip or so we thought. It turns out she broke her femur- the bone below her hip. The dr decided it would be too risky for her to have surgery due to her heart condition. She was moved to a nursing home this past Tuesday for rehab for about 8 weeks. The dr said the bone should heal on it's own and with physical therapy. My dad, Tammy, & Tyler came down for the weekend to visit and to see my grandmama in case anything happened Monday. Monday was when the surgery was going to be originally. I only took the 2 pics above while they were here. Emily was watching Tyler play Shark Tale on XBox in the first picture. I wanted a family picture of the 3 of them since the last one they weren't all looking at the camera. Tyler is a ham and is very smart for a 3 year old!! My granddaddy was in a car wreck last night and totalled  his car. He was hit by a drunk driver. He's bruised up from the air bag, but is ok. I hope he gets a new car out of the wreck at least! In my opinion, he doesn't need to be driving. He's in his late 80s and is feeble. He doesn't always wear his hearing aids so who knows if he wears them while he's driving or not!

The pic of the scrappin' goodies I received in the mail today. I was chosen as the "Tag You're IT" girl for the month of February for Scrappin-n-Chattin! I can't wait to scrap with them! I have to buy some goodies for another girl from the group for the month of March. That's the whole fun in the swap once you're tagged you have to buy something for someone else and so it goes! There is a price limit on how much you spend, but I need to check on that before I shop cuz I don't remember. I loved the card Carol made me and decided to take a pic of it as well!

The Punches LO is for Scrappin-n-Chattin for the month of February. It was originally going to be for a Baby Picture Layout Contest as well, but something happened to my e-mail. That's why I used one of my baby pictures. I made this LO in a hurry and decided not to add a lot of embellishments. TFL!


darkpoetess said...

ooh you're lucky to have gotten all those goodies! x

K Andrew said...

Oh My goodness-your family is going thru so much right now--I will be praying for you Amanda.
I'm now following you too!

Big Cricky Hugs,
K Andrew