Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Candy Shoppe Designs Feb Blog Hop MEME

Candy Shoppe Designs is having a blog hop the entire month of February as seen above and is sponsored by Paper Trail. They are offering the prize as seen above also. Each blog will have a question you have to answer that will equal 10 questions and you choose 3 questions to answer to be in the running for the prize. So, please join me in this blog hop!!
1. 4 Random Things About Me:
    * My favorite colors are red, pink, and purple. I tend to lean to purple the most! :)
    * I love scrapbooking and learning new ideas in this wonderful hobby. I would rather do the paper   scrapbooking over the digital, because I have so much of all the supplies and love using those edging/shape scissors!
    * I love listening to Christian music. I don't really have a favorite singer/band. I listen to when sitting here at the computer. They play the best & up to date Christian Alternative music!
    * I love baking or cooking myself breakfast! I made myself pancakes from scratch this morning! I used a recipe from called Easy Pancakes. Here's the recipe, it's simple!
                                1 egg
                                1 C flour
                                1 tsp baking powder
                                1 tsp salt
                                1 C milk
            Mix the first 4 ingredients together. Then add the milk gradually until batter is smooth. Pour batter on greased griddle to size desired. (I added a dash of cinnamon in the batter for extra flavor.)
I also like making cookies and have made a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. I found the recipe for the cheesecake online and am willing to share it with anyone who would like it. Please leave me a comment and I'll e-mail you the recipe. It's very good and rich!

2. Have you ever met a celebrity?
      I haven't ever really met a celebrity. I did meet Rich Mullins in 1993 at the North American Christian Convention (NACC) in St Louis, MO. I was there with my church Bible Bowl team for the Bible Bowl tournament. Rich knows our youth minister at the time, Kevin Spurlock. Rich just happened to walk by our team in the hall and looked at me and asked how I was. He might have shook my hand, I don't remember all the details. It was a casual greeting in passing. I also spotted him on the street while we were walking to The Gateway Arch in St Louis. My mom later had her picture taken with him for me, but the picture never developed. For those of you that don't know Rich Mullins died in a car accident in 1997. Rich was at the NACC to sing and gave a concert. He is a well known Christian artist. He wrote Awesome God, Hold Me Jesus, and Sing Your Praise to the Lord, just to name a few.

3. Is there somebody out there that you once knew or still know that you never got around to sharing your true feelings to? Who is this person and what would you say to them if they were standing in front of you at this very moment? The only guy I can think of that I wish I would have married, but turned down is David Haslach. We dated in high school our 10th and 12th grades. He went on the Army/National Guard after we attended Johnson Bible College together for a few years. He proposed to me while we were in our first semester at JBC and I turned him down because I wasn't ready to get married. He did end up marrying a woman and has children with her. If he was standing in front of me and wasn't married, I would tell him that I would marry him. I pray that one day God will send another guy in my life that I can eventually marry. I guess David was my first true love. I still have dreams about him on occasion like we're still dating.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my answers to the MEME. Please join me in this blog hop and link up your blog to the Candy Shoppe Designs blog! Have a great Wednesday! :)


Helen Tilbury said...

Oooh you've reminded me about the hop! I got started on it then went away & forgot about it. Back from my travels now so must get it finished!! Popped over from Scrapbook Challenges :)

salme said...

Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for joining Candy Shoppe Designs Meme blog hop! love reading your answers! - sookie aka Cinnamon Swirl

KateB said...

so funny...I would NEVER have wanted to marry either guy that I dated in high was a mama's boy and way too old fashioned and the other was just marriage material then...but we're all friends now that we are grown up and smarter :) Loved that you played with us and I gotta say that I didn't know that Rich Mullins wrote Awesome God; it's sung in every church I've ever been in and in so many different's one of my favorites :)

thanks for sharing during our MEME!

KitKat (Team Sugar @ CSD)

Tettiz said...

I really enjoyed reading your long answers - so interesting to know more about all the wonderful people out there in the scrap world!

Thanks for joining us!!!

/ Jeanette aka Lush Liquorice

Mo said...

thanks for joining in on our blog hop! i hope for some love to come your way ;)