Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Last Entry of 2010

The LO is my Holiday Song LO for Scrappin'-'n'-Chattin' ( I chose the title "O Christmas Tree" because of the obvious, the Christmas tree pics. Both pics are of my Grandmama James' Christmas tree. I'm not sure what year. I made this LO while watching the Military Bowl- ECU Pirates vs Maryland Terps. MD beat ECU badly, so the scrappin' won. I did look up when a MD player was injured and every TD that was made! I don't understand the full concept of football, but watch it occasionally!

We had a blizzard the day after Christmas and the next 2 pics are what I was able to take of it! It was blowing in my face so much that it was hard to see just to walk around the yard to see what I wanted to take a pic of! It was undeniably cold, also! On top of that I have been sick and didn't need to be out in it for very long. We didn't make a snowman it was too cold! We didn't go anywhere Sunday as a matter of fact I was the only one to go outside! It's still lingering on the ground and will most likely melt tomorrow. It's supposed to be 60 Friday and Saturday!

The last picture is of our Christmas tree. It was up for about a week and the cat knocked it over. It was taken down this past Monday! Luckily, when the cat knocked the tree over only one ornament was broken! A lot of the ornaments fell in a cactus garden, too, but none got dirt on them! I put the tree back up after punishing the cat. I put him in time-out in the bathroom with his litter box! I must say that decorating the tree the first time was fun! When I put the tree back up, I had to put it back together. It fell apart, because it's artificial and prelit luckily! I tried to put as many ornaments away from the botton as possible, but it didn't work. The cat loved gnawing on the branches and twisted it when he did so! I'm glad Christmas is over in that aspect! The tree was on a coffee table that the cat sits on to look outside at the birds. He couldn't forget that the tree was over his head and leave it alone! He was still gnawing on it when we took it down! We'll  have another year to look forward to the same thing again! LOL!

I have to work the next 2 days and won't have time to scrap, so this is going to be my last entry of the year! I'm only working 4 hours tomorrow afternoon and then 5 1/2 Friday afternoon. I have plans New Year's Eve to celebrate with a friend and am looking forward to it! So long until 2011! :)


Noteable Scraps said...

Love the pics and the page! Where did you get the white nativity scene? We were thinking of getting one of those and were wondering where people got them.

Amanda said...

Thanks! Dave Hinson makes them and my stepdad has made ours.