Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple LO

 Ok, first of all let me tell you about the title! I made this LO for Scrappin-n-Chattin and we had to include the word "apple" in the title. Panthers is Northside's mascot and this was Erin's senior pic, thus Panthers Apple Grad! I had to use a little play on words! I keep beating myself up because it doesn't make sense, but scrapbooking is supposed to be fun and have catchy titles! I wrote on the chalkboard, but you may/may not be able to read it. I wrote "Senior pic 2002-2003 Northside High School Beaufort Co NC". I decided to use the ribbon borders to bring out the color of Erin's hair, but the pic is so dark that you can't see her hair! It might be my monitor. My computer is old and pictures show up darker on here than most computers. The big apple is chipboard. I wanted to use this apple for this LO! It's from the Maya Road School key chain. I still have the crayon, abc, and school bus chipboard pieces left to use!
 I also burnt my right ring finger on a pop tart right after I took it out off the toaster! LOL I have a little blister on the fingertip and it was hurting right after it happened, but now it's not as bad. I keep forgetting not to use it when I type, but it's hard to type without using it! There was some icing or something oozing out of the Pop Tart and I thought, that looks good, but boy did I feel the heat when I touched it! It was a Cookies N Cream Pop Tart. I eat them as snacks instead of for breakfast. I won't touch the gooey parts anymore! LOL My parents were watching the football game and popped popcorn. I wanted a Pop Tart instead of popcorn while I scrapped!
 I've got to make a cake tomorrow and clean so I probably won't get any scrappin done. My grandmama is coming Saturday morning and will be here until Sunday afternoon. The cake is for our small group meeting tomorrow night! It's gonna be a Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Golden (even that doesn't sound right) w/ Duncan Hines Homestyle Creamy Lemon Supreme icing and I can't decide if I want to make a round layer cake or a bundt cake. I usually make cookies, so this is the first cake I have made! I'll take a picture after I make it and post it on here! I'm getting tired and rambling so I better stop! Have a good night!

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