Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ledger LO & Potpurri

It took me awhile to get this LO going, because I wanted to find everything related to the 2 pics on the page. LOL I remember I was sick the weekend I went to Grundy Mountain Mission School, that's what the LO is of. I wrote on the notebook paper and zoomed in so you all could read the journaling. One of the pictures is dark, because it was taken inside and I didn't have a good camera at the time. The dark picture has "Home of the Challengers" on the wall, the Challengers is their mascot.

I'm going to watch American Idol tonight. It sounds like it's going to be good with Daughtry, Fantasia, and Bon Jovi singing! It's down to the final 4. I hope Crystal wins, but in 3 weeks we all should know! I tape it every Tuesday night on my DVR, because I watch The Biggest Loser. I look forward to watching the elimination night each week to see who's voted off. I also watch Dancing With the Stars on Monday night and watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night to see who was voted off DWTS! LOL Last night, I couldn't stay awake to watch their interview on JKL, I saw who was eliminated and went to bed. I'm getting old! When I was working at BK, I could have stayed up and watched it. Now I can't stay up past 12:30 cuz I can't stay awake like I used to! I'm trying to get my sleep pattern adjusted so that when I work at TJ Maxx, I'll be alert! I work tomorrow night 4-9 and will find out the rest of the week's schedule then. I hope they want me to work Friday-Saturday. I haven't worked since last Friday! Opening day is May 23! Anyway, I keep getting off on tangents! TFL at my LO!

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