Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Some Recent Makings

 My granddaddy died September 5th so I made the above layout in his memory. My cousin gave immediate family members these pictures along with others of my granddaddy and his family. I made a mini album and will be posting that on my YouTube channel soon. I'll leave the link on here when I post it.

 I made the above card for my Aunt Debbie who has just been diagnosed with a tumor on the back of her head and has been depressed due to side effects from chemo and other medicines. I found out from my sister that the chemo is shrinking the tumor.

 I made the above card for a friend who is a Carolina Panthers' fan.

I made the above card for my aunt for her birthday.

The above card and inside was made for Alyssa's 4th birthday. The princess charm can be taken off. Her mom thought it was a necklace.

A Thinking of You card for someone online who lost a family member.

 This card and inside was made for Robert, I've mentioned him before, whose birthday is today. He loves comics and this particular green is his favorite color.
I made another Thinking of You card for an online friend who lost her mom.

I made the last card and inside for a co-worker. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately. I've been working a little more since the holiday season is approaching. If you wanna know anything about any of the cards or the layout, I will answer in the comments. TFL!

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Sarah Ashley Posch said...

I love those layouts for your granddaddy...a handsome man, much like my own grandpa I never got to know. I'm so sorry for your loss.